What can you recover data from?

If it stores data then we can usually recover the data from it. From floppy disks through to multi disk storage systems, smart phones and tablets, Mac’s, PC’s, you name it we recover it. If you have a non standard recovery requirement just get in touch and we’ll provide advice and a quote.

Is it really no data, no fee?

Yes, if you send a device to us for recovery and it is deemed unrecoverable, we won’t charge you a penny for the evaluation and investigation. Even if you decide that the cost is too high, there is no charge unless it has been agreed in advance.

Your options if it is unrecoverable:

  1. Pay nothing and we will keep the device for parts / training use;
  2. We can ship the device back to you ‘as is’ without any re-assembly for the cost of postage (small devices such as disks are £10.80+VAT)
  3. We can reassemble the device and ship it back to you from £30.80+VAT

Do your outsource any of the recovery work?

We are interested in ensuring that you get your data back. Therefore, we won’t take any risks with your device reducing the likelihood of recovery. In some cases we will know of another specialist who has an increased chance of recovering your data. In these instances we will discuss the case with them and obtain a quote for the recovery and pass this on to you for a decision.

Some Data Recovery companies boast that they never outsource work – we’d rather outsource than deem the data unrecoverable, saving you tine and expense obtaining second opinions by going direct to the expert that we have a relationship with.

Can you look at failed recoveries / give a second opinion?

A large proportion of our work comes to us after it has been elsewhere usually because it has been deemed unrecoverable or because the cost is too high. We welcome this work, however there are some situations that lead to extra charges or where the no data, no fee does not apply, namely:

  1. Where traditional, spinning hard disks have had their case opened;
  2. Were previous recovery attempts have worsened the original issue and we have to put this right first.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes we offer discretionary discounts in the following circumstances:

  1. The customer is a Registered Charity, School or University;
  2. The customer is a Student or Voluntary Worker;
  3. The customer is part of our partner program.

To establish the level of discount, please contact us to discuss your situation.

Do you offer a collection/return service?

We can arrange collection and return of your device/system. Our own vehicles cover London, Beds, Herts & Bucks on a daily basis, please contact us for a collection price.

For collections from further afield we can arrange a parcel carrier to collect from you (you will need to pack the device/system ready for collection) or can arrange a point to point same day courier for added speed and security.

What do I need to send with my device?

For common product such as hard disks, USB drives, phones and tables, please send only the device. DO NOT send any cases, cables or accessories as we can’t guarantee that these will be returned.

For less common devices such as RAID systems, NAS and SAN storage it is best to contact us first as it may assist the recovery technician to have the whole system available when performing the recovery.

Can you recover Encrypted Data

If you have the encryption key/passcode then there is a good chance that we can recover the data, without the key or passcode then we are unlikely to be able to help except in rare circumstances where the encryption technology used has been found to have a weakness.

We carry out decryption work for all industries and specialise in assisting forensic technicians who need to access data on failed/damaged devices that are encrypted.

Do I need to provide passwords?

Depending on the source of the data we may or may not need the password. For example, if recovering data from a damaged iPhone or iPad, we will certainly need the unlock password as all of the data is encrypted by the device and without this we will not be able to proceed.

Requirements vary for other systems, where we request a password and it is not provided we will not be able to check the recovered data and it will be supplied ‘as is’ with no warranty.

If you are unsure of whether we will need the password or are concerned about security, please get in touch.

Do you provide file lists of recovered data before charging?

Where the recovery is not 100% then we are happy to provide you with a file list. It is worth noting though that this can slow the recovery process down so it may be advisable for you to tell us which files are critical and we can confirm whether they are included in the recoverable data, either way we are happy to confirm what can be recovered.

Water Damage General Questions

There are a lot of myths and misinformation surrounding water damage some of which will reduce the likelihood of recovery. If the data is important, please follow our advice:

  1. Rice fixes water damage right? – No, the damage is likely already done before you get the device out of the water and switched off, even when off the power in the battery may continue to cause damage. Rice will, some may argue, assist in drying the device however it will never undo the damage. Switching the device back on once you believe it to be dry may make the damage worse, you may get lucky but is it wroth the risk?
  2. Do you fix water damaged devices? – No, we get them to a state that enables the recovery of the data. You are welcome to have the device back however we won’t have repaired the screen or other ancillary items so it is unlikely that it will work, even if it does, it is likely to fail soon.
  3. How do you recover from water damaged devices? – We follow a methodical process when it comes to recovering data from water damaged devices, especially modern smartphones and tablets that encrypt the data:

Water Damage Data Recovery Process:

  1. Disassembly of device and removal of logic board;
  2. Inspection of logic board under a microscope (including under all shields) to assess the extent of the corrosion and damage;
  3. Where required, some solder re-work may take place at this point to strengthen joints, legs, pads etc;
  4. Ultrasonic cleaning in an ultrasonic cleaner designed for this purpose – not a jewellery cleaner;
  5. Drying of the logic board;
  6. Secondary inspection, micro soldering and replacement of components;
  7. Testing and recovery of data.

The above is an overview for phones / tables where the logic board needs to be in working condition to access and recover the data. Other systems have differing methods.

Will my warranty be Void?

If you are sending us a device that is under warranty for data recovery it is possible that the warranty will be void by the work that we undertake.

For items such as PC’s, Servers, NAS, SAN etc, the warranty for the machine itself shouldn’t be unaffected, however the warranty of any disks may be.

For water damaged devices, it is likely that the water damage will have voided any warranty that may have been in place.

If in doubt, please get in touch for further clarification.

Won't the manufacturer be able to recover my data?

In some cases yes (although this won’t be covered by the warranty and their charges are likely to be significantly higher), in most, no.

For example, if you have a non functioning Macbook that is still covered by Apple Care, Apply may honour the warranty by providing you with a replacement Macbook – they won’t keep, transfer or make available the data from the failed machine.

With hard disks, if you return the disk due to a fault, the same will be true, a new disk will be provided under the warranty but the data won’t be recovered from the failed device.

Can't I download some recovery software and do it myself?

While there is some great recovery software available online (both free and paid for), your chances of success really depend on the nature of the problem and the software that you choose. If you get this wrong, you may reduce the chances of a successful recovery by a professional. If the data is important, why risk it?

Why are your prices higher than some other companies?

We believe in fair pricing, we are not the cheapest nor are we the most expensive. There are some companies advertising very low, fixed fee recoveries. These have two major drawbacks:

  1. There are often hidden fees and charges which are only brought to your attention once you have already parted with some money making it difficult to change your mind;
  2. Fixed prices – if a company is offering recovery for a fixed fee of £150, how much effort are they likely to put into the recovery before deeming the data unrecoverable? The chances are that it won’t be a great deal, these companies are working on the basis of recovering the simple jobs for the fixed fees and returning the the more complex cases as unrecoverable, wasting the customers precious time and money in the process, potentially even reducing the possibility of recovery by another company in the process.

We try our best to be fair and transparent with our pricing, if you need any more information, please contact us.

How long will the data recovery take?

This one is really quite difficult to answer without evaluating the device / system first.

For most items with a single storage area (PC’s, Mac’s, Phones, Tablets etc.) our standard pricing is based on a 7-10 business day turnaround. For more complex items and water damage this can be longer but equally it can be shorter.

Once we have your device/system, we will evaluate and confirm costs and likely time frames before asking you to commit to the recovery.