Ransomware Recovery Services

Becoming a victim of ransomware is exceptionally stressful, whether it is your home computer or an entire corporate network, we offer fast, expert ransomware assistance to get your systems running in the quickest possible time.

Some ransomware variants have been ‘cracked’ with decryption tools freely available online, others leave no option but to revert to backups, re-create lost data or to pay the ransom. Please be aware though that everything that we do for a fee you can likely do yourself.


Option 1 - Decrypt Data with Free Tools

Many of the Anti Virus providers have a set of tools for decrypting various types of ransomware. By uploading an encrypted file to their website they will confirm if it can be decrypted and if it can you are then able to download the tool to decrypt your affected files. The decryption process is somewhat involved and for some users may prefer to pay a professional to help with this which is where we can help. Whether it is one or one hundred PC’s or Servers we can streamline this process for you applying decryption tools to your data quickly and efficiently.

Option 2 - Recover from Backup

If you have good, up to date backups then this may be the best option for recovery from ransomware. If however your backups are out of date, incomplete or have also been encrypted by the ransomware then one of the other options may apply.

Option 3 - Recreate Encrypted Data

If there is no decryption tool available for the ransomware that you have been infected by you may elect to reinstall operating systems and recreate data from scratch.

Option 4 - Pay the Ransom

We advise extreme caution with this option. Remember that the people behind the attack are looking to make money and couldn’t really care less about you and your data! They do however, to a degree, wish to maintain some kind of reputation for handing over the encryption keys once payment has been made. After all, if they never did, word would soon spread as would ransom payments.

They are known to play games though, taking payment and providing decryption keys. Once the data is processed it remains encrypted though and a second ransom is demanded. This is known as double encryption and should be negotiated into the initial payment.

When it comes to making payment you will need a Crypto Currency Wallet and an account with a Crypto Currency Exchange to buy the crypto currency demanded in the ransom. You will also need to negotiate with the person who is making the demand to ensure that you are paying the correct amount to the correct recipient.

We can act as a broker for this process, buying the currency and making the payment on your behalf having negotiated with the person demanding the ransom. While we are unable to guarantee that the keys will  be issued or that there are not and additional hoops to jump through we will apply our knowledge gained from experience to give you the best chance of recovery.

Common Pitfalls

In addition to the problems mentioned above, it is worth noting even when the data can be decrypted there is a fair chance that some data will be damaged. Some data just isn’t designed to be encrypted, especially files that are open when the attack takes place, databases and program files. Expect to have to repair data and reinstall some programs.

Our Solutions

If you’d like us to help, we have a range of solutions available:

  1. Establishing for you whether or not there is a free tool available to decrypt your data;
  2. Carrying out the decryption for you using the free tools where applicable;
  3. Assisting with data repair;
  4. Negotiating and Crypto Currency Payments.

For more information click here for details and pricing. For out of hours emergency assistance (17:00 – 09:00) please click here.