COVID-19 - Changes To Services & Fulfilment

2020 has so far been an interesting and challenging year. We are all facing changes to working practices brought about by COVID-19 (C19), some of these changes have already been implemented, others will continue to develop as we work towards a ‘new normal’. There remains much uncertainty around what the final outcome will be in terms of permanent restrictions and as such, we will work closely with our customers to ensure that we can continue to provide you all with service levels that meet and exceed your individual requirements.

We have recently seen an increase in demand for service delivery across all of our core services, as this demand further increases in the coming weeks, there are some changes that you need to be aware of. While we are conscious of contractual obligations, we are equally conscious of our responsibility to the Health, Safety and Well-being of our employees and all who we come into contact with in the course of service delivery. We will work closely with all customers with requirements that fall outside of the scope set out below.

Finally, we urge all of our customers to discuss with us how our range of services can assist you, especially where you may now have a significant number of employees working remotely, more on this below.

Please bookmark this page and check regularly for any further updates.

Deliveries & Collections from Customer Sites

The majority of the services provided by BCDM are entirely reliant on our ability to access customers’ sites to carry out essential deliveries and collections. In order to protect our employees and our customers, some changes have been implemented to minimise time spent out on deliveries and collections and to ensure that we maximise efficiency.

We request that all customers inform us, prior to placing an order, of any special measure that have been put in place on site so that we can ensure that our drivers are aware of any changes and so that we can discuss how this may affect fulfilment on an individual basis.

Archive Services

Central London

All deliveries and collections to and from sites within Central London will now take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Orders placed on Thursday, Friday or Monday will be fulfilled on the following Tuesday, those placed on Tuesday or Wednesday will be fulfilled on the following Thursday.

BCDM Archive Box

Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire & Buckinghamshire

All deliveries and collections to and from sites within Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire or Buckinghamshire will now take place Wednesdays. As such, orders placed on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Monday or Tuesday will be fulfilled on Wednesday.

All Other Areas

For all other areas, delivery days will be confirmed at the point of the order being received.

Effects & Mitigation

We are aware that, especially for recalls from archive, this may have a negative impact on your expected delivery times, especially as you are accustomed to our normal next day turnaround. Equally, for some customers, a next business day service for returns from archive is a contractual matter.

Despite this, we also recognise that our customers own workforce may now be decentralised, often working from home. This in itself means that returning documents to the main office may not be all that useful. To mitigate this, we encourage those customers who have not yet done so, to get in touch with us to discuss our Scan-On-Demand service.

Scan-On-Demand enables you to access the documents that you need from archive much more quickly and efficiently. With requests usually completed within 2 hours we can ensure that you have the information that you need while maintaining a secure service. In the first instance, please contact us for more information by email to

Where it is essential to have the physical document on a next working day basis, we can deliver using BCDM resources. Please note that as of June 1st 2020, if the next business day does not fall on the delivery day stated above, there will be a surcharge of £20.00+VAT on top of the usual handling and delivery charge.

Flexibility is key to everything that we do at BCDM and as such, and for example, should we receive a large number of requests on a Thursday or Friday for delivery in London, we will of course and where possible, fulfil these on the Monday.

Secure Shredding Services

Secure Shredding

For most customers, orders will be fulfilled on the days set out above for Archive Services. For ad-hoc collections, a collection date will be provided following receipt of your request. For customers with multiple sites serviced according to a regular schedule, in most cases there will be no changes. If you have any questions or wish to pause/restart services, please contact us via email to

Document Scanning Services

We have seen a significant increase in interest in document scanning services and are working hard to increase capacity accordingly. If you have a scanning requirement, please do not hesitate to get in touch by email to Regarding collection of documents for scanning, it is normal for collection dates to be agreed in advance, as such there will be no change to this process.

BCDM Scanning

Backup Media Storage & Management

There will be no changes to scheduled, regular backup tape/media collections and deliveries (rotations) nor will there be any delays in emergency recalls of backup media from secure storage. If you wish to pause/restart services or obtain a quote for a new service, please email us at

Print & Fulfilment Services

There will be no changes to our print and fulfilment services. This is however subject to continued service delivery by Royal Mail. For new print service quotes or to discuss existing provision, please email us at

Data Recovery Services

There will be no changes to our data recovery services. This is however subject to continued availability of parts. To book your data recovery job in, please click here.

Services to Support Remote Working

BCDM Archive Box
BCDM Scanning
Secure Shredding

We recognise that COVID-19 has caused fundamental changes to the way that many businesses are operating and it is unlikely that these changes will be reversed in the near future, if at all. With more employees now working from home than ever before and with companies relocating into small premises to reflect their new requirements, BCDM has a range of services that will help facilitate remote working, minimising the effects of having fewer employees on site.

Electronic Document Management

As a result of C19 we have witnessed a significant reduction in friction when it comes to adopting an electronic document management (EDM) system. While there are undoubtedly varying levels of up-front costs involved in implementing and maintaining an effective EDM solution, the benefits for remote workers far outweigh any costs involved. The ability to access any document (with correct authorisation), at any time, from practically anywhere empowers your remote workforce while ensuring that you maintain a competitive edge.

EDM comes in a variety of shapes and sizes with varying costs. Features from basic through to advanced workflow solutions such as Accounts Payable Function. Please contact us by email at in the first instance and we will be in touch to discuss how we can help.

Document Scanning

Document Scanning is the perfect fit for EDM and our Remote MailRoom Services. Documents can be collected by BCDM or shipped directly to us, prepared, scanned and indexed to a level of granularity that suits your requirements. Whether low volume, high volume, one-off, regular or ad-hoc, BCDM can provide a scanning service for any budget ensuring documents are available regardless of employee location. Delivery of scanned documents can be via an EDM system, secure upload to existing system, secure email or encrypted USB devices.

Electronic Mailroom Services

Have all correspondence delivered electronically directly to the recipients email, EDM or workflow solution. Simply to set up, mail is redirected to a PO box for delivery direct to BCDM. On receipt, mail is opened, categorised, scanned, indexed and delivered within agreed SLA’s.

Print & Fulfilment

The increase in remote working can result in employees losing access to high quality printing and postal facilities. BCDM provides a high quality, on demand print and dispatch service. Documents are received, printed (stapled/clipped/bound as required), collated  with any required inserts, brochures, software disks etc. before being sent via Royal Mail or other appropriate delivery service.

General Storage Services

In addition to archive storage BCDM has facilities to collect and store Office Equipment, Furniture and IT Equipment, ideal if downsizing or refurbishing.

More Information

If you require more information, in the first instance, please email with an overview of your needs and we’ll get in touch to discuss in more detail.