iMac Half Dark Screen Repair

If you have an iMac with a half dark / half bright screen as per the example below, BCDM can execute a repair or replacement of the LCD display. The issue is usually caused by the solder for the backlight connector failing. Repairs are usually viable so long as previous repair attempts haven’t caused damage that prevents repair or where a different issue is present. We hold a stock of LCD’s however, unusually for Apply, the iMac range has a number of different LCD’s within the same lineup and we may have to order an exact match for your machine. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to confirm this until we have removed the faulty screen from the device.

iMac Half Dark Screen

The picture above shows a typical representation of this issue, although it can be the top right that is dark rather than the bottom left.

Our repair (i.e. to repair the existing LCD, not to replace it) price for this issue is £169.99 plus return shipping.

Due the the extreme fluctuation in the cost of replacement parts, we’ll provide you with a quote depending on your model should a replacement be required.

All repairs are on a no fix, no fee basis and guaranteed for 12 months.

Repair Pricing

Repairs are normally completed on a no fix, no fee basis* example prices are below.

  1. Basic Repairs (replace internal cable etc.) £79.99 + Part(s)
  2. Component Level Logic Board Repair £279.99
  3. MacBook replacement screen/LCD £175 – £399.99

* No fix, no fee is only available where no previous repair attempts have been undertaken. Where prior repairs have been attempted that lead to additional work, additional fees may apply. This is particularly important with liquid damaged devices that have had the logic board cleaned. Cleaning may remove evidence of where damage has occurred, potentially delaying the repair or leading to damage not being identified which may cause premature failure. If you think that this may apply to your device, please contact us before sending to discuss.

To get your repair started, please contact using the form, give us a call on 0800 371212 or use the link below to arrange free collection.

Free Collection Service

We offer a truly nationwide repair service with a free collection service available for small items such as phones, tablets and laptops. For larger items such as desktops, iMacs etc. a small collection charge is applicable. To arrange collection or for details of how to mail your device in, please click here.