Macbook Repair & iMac Repair – Professional Apple Repair & Refurbishment Services

If you are looking for MacBook Repair & iMac Repair we can help. If you have a damaged Macbook or iMac you may have been advised that the cost to repair (i.e. replace damaged parts) is more than the device is worth and your best option is to buy new.

In most cases this isn’t true as repairs outside of the Apple eco system can be cost effective and result in many more years of use from your device. Independent and DIY repairs can focus on the components that have failed or been damaged rather than replacing big ticket items such as logic boards.

This approach not only saves you money (and potentially time as you don’t need to start again with a new machine)  but is also great for the environment as it prevents waste.

Can i fix it myself?

This really depends on you as an individual. Some people love the idea of researching the problem, diagnosing and confirming the fault and tinkering away until it is fixed. For others the idea fills them with fear. There are some things to consider before you embark on a DIY repair:

  • Tools – if you don’t already have the specialist tools will the cost of buying them outweigh the benefit of a DIY repair?
  • Time – will you end up spending an undue amount of time researching and attempting the repairs?
  • Mistakes – if you make a mistake during the repair will this result in a higher repair bill and additional lost time?
  • Spares – make sure that you consider where you will obtain any spare components that you may need;
  • Warranty – you’ll be giving yourself a warranty on the repair, will this give you the peace of mind that you desire?

There is a wealth of information and resources available online, we will happily point you in the direction of some really good sites and YouTube channels where you will find videos walking you through every step of the process.

It pays to remember though, while the internet may tell you how to do it, the internet won’t do it for you! If you are unsure, hand it over to a professional, with repairs from as little as £99.00 including free collection, it will usually be quicker and more cost effective.

Professional Repair Service

By using the services of a professional repair service such as BCDM, you will benefit from a repair carried out by experienced technicians with access to the correct tools, resources and spare parts. This will ensure that your repair is completed quickly and with minimal fuss. Importantly BCDM offers a 12 month warranty on repairs carried out giving you additional peace of mind.

Macbook Logic Board


Apple run out of warranty repair programs or recalls where a known manufacturing defect causes the fault. Where Apply can fix your device free of charge or for less than we can, we will always tell you this. One thing to consider though is that on occasion Apple may exchange your defective device with a refurbished device that has had the defect rectified, exercise caution here as you may lose your data when taking advantage of this service.

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Smartphone Data Recovery

For every MacBook Repair & iMac Repair, our experienced technicians use the latest in test and diagnostic equipment before removing and replacing defective components using micro soldering techniques.

We are frequently asked if we are Apple Authorised – we can confirm that we are categorically not authorised. By becoming authorised, our hands would be tied as to what can be repaired and what can’t be repaired, often resulting in costly replacement and loss of data rather than a relatively inexpensive and quick repair.

What about other repairs? Sadly, it is not cost effective to repair most laptops from other manufacturers due to the cost of replacement being low and the difficulty in stocking parts for every different machine available. If you have something that you feel is worth repairing, please do get in touch and we can talk through the options with you.

Equally, if you have something rare or unusual that needs detailed diagnostic and board level repair, we’d be delighted to see what we can do to help. Of course it will be dependant upon availability of parts.

Free Collection Service

For MacBook Repair & iMac Repair we offer a truly nationwide repair service with a free collection service available for small items such as phones, tablets and laptops. For larger items such as desktops, iMacs etc. a small collection charge is applicable. To arrange collection or for details of how to mail your device in, please click here.


BCDM offers a fast turnaround, mail in or drop off MacBook Repair & iMac Repair service for those who are not comfortable doing their own repair and looking to save time and money.

With the high cost of Apple hardware, an out of warranty repair is almost always more cost effective than replacing with new. While you may be advised that repair is impossible, we know that this is often not the case and we’ll even evaluate the device and provide you with an estimate free of charge allowing you to make an informed decision.